[AMRadio] Retro 75

CL in NC mjcal77 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 8 08:14:45 EDT 2010

This is a neat little rig, but I agree with the fellow who said he thought a 10 meter version would be great.  Before the first iteration of the Ten Ten club, when it seemed like all my DX QSO's on 10 were with the British and Australians and they seemed to always be running a rhombic antenna, I remember a record being set with QRP.  I believe it was 50 milliwatts of AM signal established a contact between New Zealand and the US somewhere. My little DX60 and I also never made a contact above 29mc, since all the box SSB gear only had one crystal for ten, 28.5 - 29, and they never seemed to venture above 28.7 or so at the time.

Charlie W4MEC


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