[AMRadio] Soldering, Me = Yes! Building, soldering and wiriing techniques?

BILL GUYGER bguyger at sbcglobal.net
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I've been following this thread and this post from John put me in mind of my first project back when I was 8-9 years old. It was a Neon Relaxation Code Practice Oscillator. The thing operated directly off the AC line with through a Selenium Rectifier. Dangerous as hell, but this was in the AC-DC 5 tube Superhet days. It's also where I learned what burning Selenium smelled like. Need I say more. 

Now days I'm building fendish electronic thingies for other people and can't get enough time to work on my own projects like the Bauer 707 I have about half converted to 160-80-40 useage and Frankenmitter a 813 rig by W1TRF (what a great call for radio freaks) out of the '55 handbook but uses a Software Defined Radio for the VFO.

Bill AD5OL

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Sure I know how to solder.  I learned building my own "first" 6V6 transmitter.  Then when I was new with Western Electric, I could solder over 1000 connections a day without error, we all could.  Later we used Wire-wrap guns, and I could get 1200+ fanned, skinned and wrapped per day, all without error. (telephone men know what I'm talking about)

Those were the days.

But nothing beats building your own homebrew rig, or point-to-point wired kit.

Are there any clubs out there who teach new hams how to pass the test, also teaching them wiring, soldering and building techniques?  Perhaps we should?  What good is a license that only takes money to get on the air?

73, John Dilks, K2TQN

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