[AMRadio] Ham Radio Growing in the Age of Twitter

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Hi Ted:
Great to hear these old anecdotes --- on topic or not.  Kindest regards Jim 

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> This may be somewhat off topic so if you don't like it call my Mother. HI 
> HI
> I recall my Dad's standard reply to our request to try something new. 
> "I'll
> show you how to run it, this is not a toy so be careful and don't hut
> yourself." You can learn quite a bit that way. Heck we rode our bicycles 
> all
> over the place (within a 5 mile radius) even go for a swim in the river 
> with
> NO LIFEGUARD and we would be gone all day "Just make sure your back in 
> time
> for supper." Oh and we didn't where helmets either. And if you where up to
> no good one and one of the neighbors saw you they would grab you buy the
> scruff of the neck and plumb you up and tell you to get home. Sometimes 
> they
> would call and tell your folks what you had been up to so when you got 
> home
> YOU where for it again not your neighbor for disciplining your Mothers
> little boy. We had no cellphones but we had a party line. My Dad worked 
> for
> the railroad and if they wanted you home they would blow the car horn. One
> long and two short blasts. That was the signal for the train crew to get
> back on the train cause it was going to leave.  Has the world changed or
> what?
> Ted WB0TDV

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