[AMRadio] Ham Radio Growing in the age of Twitter

Bernie Doran qedconsultants at embarqmail.com
Sun Apr 11 13:59:24 EDT 2010

Don: maybe  you are just one of those old farts that listens to AM BC!!! 
I bet you do not even stay on the
"approved " frequencies ( five kc intervals) yep, you about covered it 
except for the ones that break in for a signal report and can not hear 
anyone else!!! I always want to say well then what in hell did you break in 
for. It is worse on the higher bands as they usually do not hear the other 
stations.  I do get a lot of first timers on AM at the 3.7 range, I always 
take the time to try and help them and most seem to be interested.  I think 
there is more AM activity now than when I got back on about five years ago. 
I always lose the fast  ID returns, by the time all my relays drop and 
transfer its just the suffix, if my ears pick that up. I remember when it 
was normal after a CQ, to turn off the modulator B+, turn off the xmter B+, 
flip the antenna ( Knife switch) turn the rx to operate, forgot the vfo, had 
to turn it off also unless crystal control.  then do the reverse. not 
conducive to a short transmission!!!    also forgot the novice days when one 
would tune around over maybe ten Kc to see if anyone was calling!! 
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>>> why I work AM.  ten was open a bit yesterday and I worked a few
>>> stations.(SSB)  the conversations were short ( not on my end) and 
>>> sounded
>>> like CB jargon.
> Not just on 10m.  I notice the same thing on 75, 40 and 160.  And not just
> SSB, I also  hear it on AM.
> Little short 3-4 word transmissions.  Sometimes it goes by so fast I can't
> even get the call sign.  Something I really have a problem with is people
> just dropping the carrier in mid sentence without saying "over" or "go
> ahead".  I'm not always sure they turned it over to me, if their rig just
> crapped out, or if propagation conditions have taken a sudden change.
> I few times I have had to ask the other station to please repeat your call 
> a
> couple of times; you are running it by too fast. Also, I usually make it a
> point by saying, "I wasn't sure you turned it back to me.  You didn't say
> "over" or anything to give me a clue that your transmission had ended."
> This happens a lot when I call CQ and indicate that I am listening in AM
> mode.  Often the station coming back tells me this is the first time he 
> has
> tried the rig on AM, and I assume he is not familiar with normal AM
> operating procedure.
> I usually try to have patience and explain  the procedure to newcomers. I
> have quite often had stations to say they were impressed with the sound of
> AM and would try it out some more.  A couple that I have known of have
> eventually taken the plunge, acquired a plate modulated tube type rig, and
> AM has become their primary mode of operation.
> But some operators who drop the carrier without warning have been 
> operating
> AM for quite a while and still do that.  I find it annoying, particularly
> with stations that are weak and in the noise level, and I don't have a 
> clue
> when they stand by.  Maybe they used roger beeps when they were on CB.
> Don k4kyv
> .
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