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Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sun Apr 11 22:37:24 EDT 2010

Brett may be right however, someone a while back had the same problem. 
Who, skips me at the moment but it was someone who knew better than make 
an attachment and no one could find out why.  So this is the perfect 
time to mention a couple of things.

1.    If you use the Microsoft email client you will have a "Reply" and 
"Reply All" button in the bar at the top.  If you choose one of them, 
(in this case the Reply button) the TO field will read the list name 
back to the reflector.  If you choose the "Reply All" button it will 
show the list name two times.  Other clients may have the same buttons 
but I am not familiar with them.

So if you wish to send a message back to the originator of the message 
you are reading, hit "Reply" then delete the name in the TO field.  In 
the message header simply highlight the email address of the person who 
sent it.  You will know that by the fact the first line will say FROM: 
(then have the name followed by the email address).  Once you have the 
email address highlighted, then choose the copy button and press it. 
Move your cursor in the to field and chose the Paste button.  The 
address should be there.  Then you can hit send after completing your 
message, and the message will go to the person who originated it.

I know this is common knowledge to many of you, but we have had a number 
of new people join recently, and this list operates the buttons 
differently than other lists.

Now as to why some messages are showing up as an attachment, no one 
knows for sure, but I wonder if the sender may be using the Forward 
button in some fashion?  I have seen several of Jack's messages nothing 
in the body but with an attachment, so Jack we cannot tell you what is 
causing the problem, but if you are using the Forward button, try just 
the Reply button.  Or if you are  writing your message in a word 
processor and attaching it, then you will need to use the Create Mail 
button and copy and paste your message into the body of the new email 

2.    Consider donating to the people who support this list.  I am glad 
to see all the activity lately, especially about the little 75 meter 
kit.  This is good reading and I hope all are enjoying reading the 
exchanges as I am.  To help maintain the list you can make a donation by 
clicking on the support link at the bottom of each message.  It doesn't 
have to be a lot but a little will be appreciated a lot.  This goes for 
the AM Swap list as well.



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> That is the second blank message from a Jack Shutt this week.
> What is going on?
> On 11 Apr 2010 at 9:21, Jack C. Shutt wrote:

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