[AMRadio] The Art of Ragchewing

johndtate at post.com johndtate at post.com
Sun Apr 25 23:34:49 EDT 2010

Hey there John!  Thanks for the kind words.  I always enjoy our QSO's 
as well.  I have been listening to you and others on 7.160 AM as well 
on the weekend afternoons and I will be getting something in the air up 
soon to allow me to join you all there on 40 meters AM.

73 John KX5JT

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Great effort, John. I have enjoyed our QSO's and look forward to more
in the future. Lately, I have been striving for brevity and
conciseness, as there are more AM enthusiasts joining the fray.
Thanks for tabling the subject.
73 de John, K5SEE

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