[AMRadio] The Art of Ragchewing

Brian Zwiener bzwiener at sbcglobal.net
Mon Apr 26 02:24:27 EDT 2010

I enjoy VHF/UHF-FM, and of course the more relaxed QSOs on HF/AM/SSB.I have been involved with the quick TR QSOs as well as long "key downs" on all the above modes. It's funny to me that some folks seem to key down longer and speak more slowly on SSB, and even sloooowwweeer on AM. I am new to AM and love it. I do not understand why AM is even more relaxed than SSB. It's not a bad thing, please don't take this as a complaint or anything like that. Is AM audio so warm it is that soothing? Probably. The old modified AM Broadcast Transmitters sound great, and my goal is to have one this year. I have wanted one long before I was a ham. I used to have two 1kW units and did not do much with them and got rid of them. DUMB! My search for old transmitters is going pretty well. I have a recently retired 5kW Harris AM Transmitter in my garage, and I am trying to sell it, and then turn around and by an old Gates, Collins, RCA, or McMartin 1kW unit. I must have one!
 My goal is this year.
The Harris is next to impossible to convert, and would be extremely inefficient and expensive to even run the filaments, not to mention it wants 120/208 3-phase power!I will "see you" on AM and we will warm up some tubes.

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