[AMRadio] TechRad T-350-XM

Steve zarco at sonic.net
Sun Aug 1 15:08:54 EDT 2010

Wow, you guys know more about this thing than anyone! And I've
been searching for info ever since I bought it. Even though I live in 
the San Francisco bay area (the T-350XM was built in SF) I haven't
found anyone in the area that knows anything about this company.

The family I bought it from (an SK's estate) said it had been used in
post war Japan, and possibly later to broadcast propoganda. There
are indications these were also used during the war. One fellow in
France has one (F6HSB). Another lives in Texas (N5DUP),
and had been used in the Phillipines. I've been getting info from
another owner in New Jersey that has two up and running.

Finding all of the pieces of the trasnmitter was quite a chore. It
had been completely taken apart and parts scattered all over
a garage and a couple of sheds. Ended up paying almost as much
for the speech amp as for the transmitter itself (my fault for showing
too much enthusiasm). Also found the original mic mixer that was used with it.
(Western Electric 22D).

Its finally up and running as of this morning. Next task is to get an
antenna up.
                             Steve W6SSP

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