[AMRadio] Johnson Adventurer smashed in transit!!! - Need 807, 6AG7, 5U4G !!!

Howard Weinstein k3hw at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 2 12:02:50 EDT 2010


I recently procured a beautiful Johnson Adventurer CW transmitter with a cool homebrew outboard modulator. It was packed well and shipped from TX via USPS to my QTH.

On arrival a quick visual inspection of the box revealed no apparent damage or abuse. No exterior cuts, dents, or large indentations. The corners were not crushed. When opening the box the transmitter exterior looked good and all contents of the box (outboard modulator, documents, etc.) seemed to be in good shape...

BUT, something was rolling around and tinkling like glass inside the old girl. The 807, 6AG7, and 5U4G were all broken - what can I say? I was sad but I have not yet sunk into deep depression.

The seller/shipper did more than an adequate job packing the radio - three inches of material, stiffening boards, everything - it WAS NOT his fault in my opinion.

Anyway - I want to get this 55 year old transmitter on the air !!!

Therefore I would like to procure a couple of "NOS" or "USED - TESTED GOOD"  807's, 6AG7's and 5U4G's. One set to replace the tubes that were broken and a spare set for the bench. I've got a Hickok tube tester in the shack if you have tubes that are untested.

I appreciate any assistance and aadvice from the group.

Thank you - 72/73 de Howie K3HW


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