[AMRadio] Shipping crap shoot

CL in NC mjcal77 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 3 09:36:27 EDT 2010

Sorry to hear about the TX damage.  I have decided no matter who you use, and how you pack it, it may or may not get damaged.  The only sure way is to have  the purchaser come to your QTH and pick it up, or get it safely to a hamfest and on the table.

I bought an HQ145X a while back.  The fellow who I bought it from, put it in a box that was the exact size of the receiver, no packing on 5 sides and only an extra piece of cardboard in the front panel area.  It arrived in perfect shape, not a dent on the box, all tubes in place and intact.

I sold and shipped a tuner in the original packing, FedEx smashed it flat.  My friend had a rig come back from overhaul, the box had a dual wheel imprint on the top, the radio was flat,and UPS said he did that.  The USPS has lost a package I sent, and could not find it.  From that I learned that if you don't insure or delivery confirm a shipment with USPS, they have no tracking information for it.  I have used Greyhound as a shipper and have had great luck, but the law of averages will probably catch up with them one day too.

Shipping anything is a crap shoot at best.

Charlie, W4MEC in NC


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