[AMRadio] 40M Phone?

wb4iuy at teara.org wb4iuy at teara.org
Sat Aug 7 22:31:44 EDT 2010

At 07:10 PM 8/7/2010 -0700, you wrote:
>I'm 76 and living an a senior retirment complex. I have a limited 40M dipole 
>about 6" below the ceiling.
>But between 2003 and probably 2007 I was doing very good with this antenna. 
>At least I am on the 4th floor.
>Bob Macklin

Hi Bob,

FB on your antenna, I've used some indoor antennas in the past and have had
good luck with them. To qualify my previous statement, I'm using 3 different
antennas on 40m. I have full 40m slopers (center fed dipoles) pulled down at
a 45 degree angle from my tower at about 100', pointing NE, NW, & S. I
switch them remotely with a tower mounted switchbox at about 65'. I just
spun the VFO across 40m, and there are literally signals packed in across
most all of the band. I'm fortunate to have this antenna setup, and have
used low altitude & indoor (attic mounted) antennas on 40m for many years
prior to having these antennas. I think overall, most HF propogation isn't
too good right now, so a good antenna is important. 


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