[AMRadio] Boatanchors for sale

Graham Anderson greypages at bellsouth.net
Sat Aug 14 17:03:13 EDT 2010

Gentlemen, I have a large collection of boatanchors in good to excellent condition!  I can NO LONGER keep them!
                           1. A National NC-303 w/speaker and 2M converter W/ Spare radio!
                            2.Mohawk reciever W/ orginal speaker and bandscope!
                           3.Dx-100B w/scope
                           4.Hammarlund HX-500 transmitter
                           5.Hammarlund HX-10A Transmitter
                           6.Hammarlund Hq-170 A VHF W/ R-100 speaker
                           7.Hq-200 w/ speaker
                           9.Various tube testers and and service gear!
                          10.D-104 "s and other mikes
                Would like to trade FT-901/902 accessorries or TS-830 accessories!
                 Will sell as complete stations at discount!
                                                               Steven Anderson W4GSA

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