[AMRadio] WTB - Six Meter AM Gear - was - 50.400 FT-243 Xtal (8400kHz)

Peter Wittenberg Sr k2lrc at k2lrc.com
Mon Aug 16 17:47:00 EDT 2010

Howie, I have a Gonset III 6M with the matching VFO. Unit has been working
about 7 months ago. It has been retubed as well.  Asking $129 plus shipping
for the two of them.  It does not have the CD label and is the original
white case. I can send you a photo if you wish...I live in Annapolis MD and
you may want to come to pick it up.
Let me know...
-73- Peter K2LRC

God Bless America!

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Hi Stu,

Congratulations on procuring the Heath "Sixer"! As of last week I am in
search of a 6 meter AM rig!

Why? you may ask... 

Well, Stephanie WX3K who lives near me in Northeast PA is trying to stir up
some local interest on 6 AM just as you are doing down there in TX. I'd love
to see that happen myself so in order to support her efforts I've got to get
back on 6 AM.

Back in the 70's I was on 6 AM EVERYDAY after school and on Friday nights
after the WEEKLY radio club meeting. The rest of my time was spent on 75
phone, 80 CW and 40 CW. 

I'd like to procure a Heath SIXER, Lafayette HA-460 (w/drifty VFO), a UTICA
650 (remember them? chrone and guaranteed to shock you), an AMECO TX-62 and
HAMMARLUND HQ-110A (w/VHF converter) combination, or how about a Gonset 6
meter "Gooney" Box painted yellow with a big CD (Civil Defense) sticker on
it, maybe a Knight T-60, a Clegg 66er, or a Swan 250 - (have to insert a
little carrier though for AM). Oh well, back to the subject at hand.

Does someone out there have a 6 meter AM rig they want to get rid of - if so
drop me email direct.

Tnx es 73 de Howie K3HW

--- On Mon, 8/16/10, Stuart Rohre <rohre at arlut.utexas.edu> wrote:

Affirmative Howie,  definitely 8 MHz crystals.
I had my first (loaned for the Summer) Sixer in 1958.
Just got one again, a week ago.  All mine this time, and in excellent
condition.  I hope to stir up some local AM activity.
Stuart Rohre
EM10, (Central TX near Austin)

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