[AMRadio] WTB 6m AM rig

Dennis Weal w4eal at gmx.com
Tue Aug 17 11:05:13 EDT 2010

Memories galore. Back in the 70's and 80's living around the Wash D.C. area I had to try every 6m rig I could find. My fav was the Utica 650. It was the weapon of choice for me. The Sunday morning HPA net caught me a lot of static about it. All the guys would constantly rib me that it got so hot that you could fry eggs on it. So one morning I tried it. Placed a cast iron frying pan on top, added 2 pats of butter and cracked a couple of eggs in the pan. After about 45 minutes of net time I was eating my tasty eggs. Only problem was it wouldn't toast my bread. The Utica was the most beautiful rig I have ever owned. All chrome cabinet with engine turned front panel. I still have a Globe Scout 680 that is ok on 6m AM but I currently use a Alinco DX-70TH that has excellent audio (complimented regularly) on AM. Only problem is it won't cook eggs Hi Hi. 

Currently rebuilding a Knight T-150A for AM and will use it on 6m after it's done. Still lots of good iron out there for 6m work. Any one remember the Laffalot Radio portable 6 AM rig that had a shoulder strap and built in telescoping antenna? It was an HA-610 or something. Ran on 10 D cell batteries and put out 1 watt. That was a fun rig. 

Oh well back to reality.



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