[AMRadio] BC-348-R HFO Cover Needed

Ray Smith rrs4 at sti.net
Mon Feb 8 03:28:47 EST 2010

I picked up a very modified BC-348-R, S/N 12436.  It came with the 6AG7 in 
the 1ST RF Amp socket.  Also, it had 3 small trimmer caps in a box 
out-boarded on the front, to trim the tuning of the first 3 stages. 
Additionally, it had a suicide style auto-former to deliver B+, and at the 
same time a lethal shock between chassis and ground, should you roll the 2 
wire 117 Volt AC plug.  I removed the auto-former and trimmers.  The main 
tuning gears are also locked up.  They allow less than a single turn on the 
Freq knob, with the tuning cap fully unmeshed, and I'll have some work to do 
on this radio, just to get it working.

I need an HF oscillator cover, which is missing.  If anyone has a donor 
parts chassis, I would like to buy this cover.  I only need the 
(approximately) 5 inch by 2 ¼ inch cover for the HFO unit itself.  I have 
the 2 inch by 2 ½ tube cover that attaches with a single knurled screw to 
fill the hole in the HFO cover.

If you know anyone who will part with this cover, please let me know how to 
reach him.  If not, here comes the double-sided copper clad PCB material. 
The real aluminum cover would look a lot nicer, and be one less thing to 
have to fabricate.

Ray Smith
rrs4 at sti.net 

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