[AMRadio] sdr-iq

Bernie Doran qedconsultants at embarqmail.com
Wed Feb 10 13:02:54 EST 2010

I purchased an SDR-iQ about five weeks ago and while it performs great in a 
number of areas it seems to be poor in the audio demodulation, at least on 
AM,  I am getting what sounds like a low level echo and a general artificial 
quality of sound, my 75A2 sounds much better and that certainly is not good 
quality audio. it is difficult to copy a moderate level AM signal. the 
computer plays DVDs and CDs fine and sounds good. I talked to the store that 
I purchased it from and they said they have heard this before and that I 
should not expect it to sound like a VT receiver!!!!! that was a  shock, 
what did I buy it for?.  computer is a single core 2.8 gig, it shows it 
running at about %75. any one else use these things? or have experience with 
the Flex 5000a? Bernie 

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