[AMRadio] sdr-iq

Brett Gazdzinski Brett.Gazdzinski at verizon.net
Wed Feb 10 18:43:33 EST 2010

I have the sdr-iq and the flex 5000a, love them both.
I like winrad a bit better then spectraview, mostly because of the ecss 
Both sound very good, the spectraview has always had much lower volume 
levels but sounds fine.
Most of my listening is using headphones plugged into the Sony laptop.
CPU use is very low, under 10% surfing the web and doing email while 
1.6 GHz dual core vista 32, very slow compared to the computer I run the 
flex on.

The flex goes into a Marantz amp and a 3 way speaker with a 12 inch woofer, 
or headphones.
I don't notice any difference between the radios.

Both radios sound as good or better than the hifi homebrew receivers I built 
just for hifi AM.


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>I purchased an SDR-iQ about five weeks ago and while it performs great in a
> number of areas it seems to be poor in the audio demodulation, at least on
> AM,  I am getting what sounds like a low level echo and a general 
> artificial
> quality of sound, my 75A2 sounds much better and that certainly is not 
> good
> quality audio. it is difficult to copy a moderate level AM signal. the
> computer plays DVDs and CDs fine and sounds good. I talked to the store 
> that
> I purchased it from and they said they have heard this before and that I
> should not expect it to sound like a VT receiver!!!!! that was a  shock,
> what did I buy it for?.  computer is a single core 2.8 gig, it shows it
> running at about %75. any one else use these things? or have experience 
> with
> the Flex 5000a? Bernie
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