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Todd, KA1KAQ ka1kaq at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 20:38:16 EST 2010

There are a number of issues to consider in this discussion though,
from being heard to finding another round table or starting a new one.
As Rob said, generally you'll get in if you're heard. Some groups run
break in and can be difficult to join. A perfect opportunity to start
a new group elsewhere. Part of the problem seems to be too many people
think they need to all be in the same group on the same frequency,
which makes for difficult circumstances at best.

On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 8:05 PM, wb4iuy at teara.org <wb4iuy at teara.org> wrote:

> I'd been off the air for several years, got my old Heath station up and
> running at about 15 watts, tossed my call in the pile a few times until I
> was heard, and was in a huge round table on 3.885 in no time. I love AM...
> Dave WB4IUY

Listened to you last week Dave talking with Derb, N3DRB about the
Gonset amps. Think you were also talking with Gary K4XK in Shinbone OH
later. Glad to hear some good AM down here in 4 Land, especially 10-15
miles away from me!

~ Todd,  KA1KAQ/4

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