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Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Fri Feb 12 22:46:56 EST 2010

> I read an article about AM use in the ham bands in a recent QST magazine and was intrigued.
> The article even gave the favorite AM freqs.  I have a 200 watt AM transceiver so I wanted to give it a go on 80 meters.  Problem is, it seems no one even cares to listen to see if anyone wants to join in.  The people just short key it back and forth passing it between the click of regulars and never seem to open it up to see if anyone new wants to join in.  
> Very frustrating.

You don't have to wait to "break in" to an existing QSO.  Why not find a clear spot nearby, put your rig into AM mode,  call "CQ 75 metres AM phone", and start your own QSO?

I tend to shy away from QSOs with more than 3 or 4 participants.  Better to start a new group than to endure a  roundtable consisting of 8 or 9 stations, where you wait patiently for 45 minutes or more between transmissions, and no-one comments on anything anyone else says, because it has been so long since they heard it that they don't remember.

Sometimes AM groups can be heard  using fast break-in, but with PTT instead of VOX.  This is usually within a group of friends who know each other, and can be chaotic and difficult for newcomers to join in.

Those "suggested" AM frequencies in the article are just that - suggestions.  Your licence allows you to operate AM anywhere in the band that it is legal for you to operate SSB. Just make sure that the frequency is clear before firing up.

Don k4kyv

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