[AMRadio] Classic exchange

Todd Carpenter n9ysq at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 14 14:53:52 EST 2010

Anyone having any luck? My operating conditions seem to be poor. Heard some worked none. Not even on vhf fm. Most stations heard were on 40. None on 20. Faint on 75. Had better luck running 5 watts on RTTY last night. Worked 4 stations. WY7, in wyoming, a W5, a W6, and a W0. Heard lots of 6's, 7's, and stations all over US and Canada. Also heard Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, and a few I didnt recognize. All on 20 meters, ~ have a homebrew ground plane. I didnt hear any SSB/FM cx yet. Will try again on 20 meters when i get back from Wally World in a little while. 

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