[AMRadio] WTT Dakaware knobs

Dave Aabye w4qcu at prodigy.net
Tue Feb 16 16:08:21 EST 2010

I have a need for nine (9) Dakaware knobs, black with 1.5 inch skirt (as used on Collins A-line gear).  To reach this total, I need six (6) skirts and 3 complete knobs.  
I have the following Collins-style Dakaware knobs to trade:
Knob and skirt, 3-inch diam.                          Very Good 
Knob for 3-inch skirt, but no skirt                  Very Good
Knobs with 1-3/4 inch skirt                            Look new/unused       Qty 4
Knob with 1-3/4 inch skirt                             Excellent
Skirts  1-3/4 inch                                           Excellent                     Qty 4
Knob with 2 inch skirt (no skirt screws)         Good
I’m looking for knobs that are clean and not scratched up.  I’ll be glad to provide photos of my trading stock.  
Please reply off the reflector.
73 de Dave, W4QCU

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