[AMRadio] Welcome to new members

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Thu Feb 18 10:39:24 EST 2010

We have had a number of new people join our groups recently and I want 
to thank them for joining the merriment.  More and more people are 
trying AM and using the mode on a regular basis on the bands, the good 
thing about all this is those people then join us here and that makes 
our group grow.

To those of you who are new, welcome.  I don't know if you have read the 
rules or not, but if you haven't take a few minutes and do that.  You 
will find that most everyone here is very laid back and it takes a bunch 
to stir up our hackles.  So if you have a question, ask and there well 
be a number of us who will answer.  It is our nature here to be helpful 
and, most of all, respectful.  If you feel someone disrespects you, then 
send a private email to one of us who moderate this crowd and we will 
work with you.

At the bottom of this message will be links to sites that have all the 
information you will need to do that.  Another thing is that the people 
who host these two groups incur expenses to keep us going.  Please send 
them a few bucks to help defray those costs.

Now the most basic rules apply.  On the Discussion List, please don't 
post for sale/wanted/trade ads, put them on the Swap List..  There is no 
prohibition of discussions on the Swap List, but it is best you do that 
on the Discussion List.  It is also better if you negotiate prices for 
items directly rather than on the List.  Now the biggie....those two 
buttons at the top of your email reflector work a bit different on each 
list.  On the Discussion List if you hit Reply, it will go back to the 
list.  On the Swap List the Reply button will send your reply will go to 
the individual who originated the message rather than the list.

So, on the Discussion List if you hit Reply All, you will see the 
individual and list name in the TO field.  Edit as necessary and send 
away.  We try to keep things light and happy in both places.  Again 
welcome and if you have any questions just email any of us and we will 
do what we can to make your stay comfortable.  To those of you who do 
not post much, get in more often.



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