[AMRadio] more computer stuff

Bernie Doran qedconsultants at embarqmail.com
Sun Feb 21 12:20:34 EST 2010

I have been doing every thing I can think of to clean up and speed up my PC 
that is used with the SDR-IQ and I ran across something else that I never 
heard of in addition the previous post I made about %temp% file cleanout.

MS has designed their system to log and store every internet site visited 
and email sent/received in .dat files. These are " super" hidden and not 
easily addressed or deleted.  the group is index.dat.   they can be removed 
by accessing the c drive root and using the dos command del index.dat/s ( I 
think it takes out all of them in one swoop) Mine had giga bits of stored 
crap.  It really pulls my chain to learn that indeed big brother really is 

I also found that CCleaner takes out a bunch of useless junk and may even 
remove the .dat files, but not sure about that. look on the internet for 
index.dat, you can find how to access the root directly and delete those 
After deletion they immeadiatly start again to store and track.
I am willing to bet there are additionhal areas of stored info that has no 
reason to be there. there must be someone out there that knows computers 
that could provide additional info.   73 Bernie  ps be sure to wear your tin 
foil hat so you do not wipe your memory!!! 

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