[AMRadio] Good AM Signals on 15 Meters Today

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sun Feb 21 16:19:29 EST 2010

VE6KQ or was it VE6CQ, Rick in Clagary?  I just finished tuning around 
and found Rick calling CQ.  Spent about 20 minutes and his signal was 
strong all the way through.  WA2JID up on the PA/NY border broke in but 
Rick couldn't hear him.

Down in the SSB part an EA8 (Canary Islands) was over 9 here with my 40 
meter antenna.  No telling how strong he would have been if I had 
attached the beam


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>I just finished a qso with WA7ISJ in Tucson, and one with VE6KQ.
> Signals were very good.
> Brian, from VY1 land is also in there again today on 21.425.
> Fire up your favorite rig and come on up to 15 meters. There's lots of
> room up there until the CW contest ends later today.
> Mike Duke, K5XU
> American Council of Blind Radio Amateurs

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