[AMRadio] AM Transmitter Rally Feb 6 on HF

Bob Macklin macklinbob at msn.com
Fri Jan 8 21:47:54 EST 2010

I'll be listening here in Seattle. My Tx is not currently operational. But 
if it is I will try answering CQs or breaking into roundtables if I hear 

Bob Macklin
Seattle, Wa.
"Real Radios Glow In The Dark"
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> Announcing the 2010
> Amplitude Modulation
> Transmitter Rally
> Contest and Operating Event
> On the HF Amateur Bands (160 meters to 10 meters)
> Saturday, February 6, 2010 6:00 AM E.S.T.
> to 2:00AM E.S.T. the following day.
> The purpose of this event is to encourage the use of Amplitude Modulation 
> on the Amateur Radio Bands, and to highlight various types of AM equipment 
> in use today. This event is open to any and all radio amateurs who are 
> running full carrier amplitude modulation (standard AM), and any type of 
> equipment may be used.
> Commonly used AM Frequencies: 160 Meters: 1880-1885, 1930, 1945, 
> 1975-1995.
> 80 Meters: 3730-3740, 3870-3885. 40 Meters: 7160, 7280-7295. 20 Meters: 
> 14286.
> 10 Meters: 29000-29200.
> These commonly used frequencies can be good starting points. As activity 
> grows, expand to other frequencies to prevent congestion and excessively 
> large round tables. As always, PLEASE be considerate of existing QSOs and 
> Nets, and ensure that the frequency is clear before calling "CQ, the A.M. 
> Transmitter Rally".
> Points are to be awarded as follows:
> a) 1 point for each station worked a specific band. If you work the same 
> station on more than one band, you get 1 point for each band.
> b) 1 point for each state, country or Canadian Province worked.
> Note: Both you and the station with whom you are QSOing must be using AM.
> Logging
> The following information must be included in your log for each contact to 
> be counted:
> Time (local), Frequency, Call Sign, First Name, Their Location (state is 
> OK), Their Equipment
> Log Format: Each item should appear in a separate column, one line per 
> contact.
> 39608124.jpg
> Template logs are here: www.classeradio.com/amtrlog.xls (excel) 
> www.classeradio.com/amtrlog.csv (csv)
> Please let us know about anything unusual or unique you hear and / or any 
> nominations for stations in "unusual" categories or with unusual or unique 
> characteristics.
> A description of your station equipment, power and any other interesting 
> features should also be included as part of your submission along with 
> your mailing and email addresses. Pictures (in electronic form if 
> available) are also encouraged!
> Whenever possible, please use electronic submission of logs using Excel or 
> CSV (comma separated values) (preferred) formats. Email logs to: 
> amtr at radioassociates.com
> If you do not own, or cannot use a computer, paper logs may be mailed to:
> Radio Engineering Associates
> AMTR Logging
> 79 Tyler Road
> Townsend, MA 01469
> Awards and Prizes will be given for the following areas:
> * 1) Overall highest points: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place
> * 2) Highest points in each of the following categories for stations as 
> follows:
> o a) Using a classic commercial AM Amateur transmitter (such as a KW1, 
> Desk KW, Collins 32V3, DX- 100, etc.)
> o b) Using a converted AM Broadcast Transmitter.
> o c) Using a military transmitter.
> o d) Using a home built vacuum tube transmitter (vacuum tubes in the RF 
> amplifier and modulator).
> o e) Using a home built solid state transmitter.
> o f) Using a low level transmitter and linear amplifier.
> o g) Using anything not covered by the above.
> Note: Special recognition will be given to stations that show up in many 
> other folks' logs, even if these operators did not send in a log 
> themselves. This is to recognize the spirit and importance of operating 
> during the event, even if one is not actively participating in the 
> "contest".
> In addition to point awards, other awards will be issued on an ad-hoc 
> basis, depending on the specific situation. Examples of these are:
> * a) Very unusual or unique equipment
> * b) Most clip leads in the transmitter
> * c) Most hum or incidental FM
> * d) Longest transmission heard
> * e) Highest weight to power ratio
> * Etc, etc, etc.
> Hope to see you all there!!
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