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Bob Macklin macklinbob at msn.com
Tue Jan 12 12:59:05 EST 2010

You can still get B&W inductor stock at Surplus Sales of Nebraska. But it is 
getting limited.

Bob Macklin
Seattle, Wa.
"Real Radios Glow In The Dark"

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> Darryl,
> Congrats on finding some nice pieces of Millen gear.  You might enjoy 
> visiting the James Millen Society web page at 
> http://www.isquare.com/millen/millen-page.htm<http://www.isquare.com/millen/millen-page.htm> . 
> You would also be welcome to join the group.
> You could certainly use standard B&W Junior (75 watt) coils for the 90800 
> exciter, but you'll need to make new jack bars for them.  I have used a 
> bar made from "Plexaglass" or whatever we are calling it these days.  I've 
> used banana plugs with the leaves stripped off leaving just the center pin 
> for jack bar pins.  The same size coil is used in both the 6L6 plate and 
> the 807 plate position.
> All of the coils are 1.5 inches inside diameter.
> The 80 meter coil, Millen number 43082, is 2 inches long and has 40 turns. 
> It has a 7 turn link on the "B+ end" of the coil.
> The 40 meter coil, Millen number 43042, is 2 inches long and has 22 turns. 
> It has an 8 turn link.
> The 20 meter coil, Millen number 43022, is 1.5 inches long and has 9 
> turns.  It has a 2 turn link.
> The 40 meter 6L6 cathode coil is wound on a 1 inch diameter form, is 3/4 
> inches long, and has 8 turns.
> I don't have a Millen 80 meter cathode coil, but I made my own from a pice 
> of B&W Miniductor.  It is about 3/4 inches in diameter, 1/2 inch long, and 
> has 16 turns.
> If you have a grid dip meter, you can check the resonance points for the 
> cathode coils as plugged in to the transmitter.  The 80 meter coil should 
> resonate between 80 and 40 meters, around 5 mc would be good.  The 40 
> meter coil should resonate between 40 and 20 meters, around 10 mc would be 
> good.
> I use a series string of five 9-volt transistor radio batteries for the 
> required 45 volt bias.
> I'm not lucky enough to have a 90881 amp, but I will copy this message to 
> the James Millen Society reflector.  Perhaps one of the JMS guys will be 
> able to give you coil information for the amp and for the 90800 exciter on 
> 10 meters.
> Have fun!
> Jim, W8KGI
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