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Despite the economy, there are still a lot of folks out there for which money has no meaning. Or to put it another way, have more money than brains!

I imagine that someone who makes $17 million a year needs an outlet for all that cash!

73 de Tom/W4OKW

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Did you see that frequency response claim?  1/2 Db from 21 to 20 K.  Now 
that is flat.  In my world I have some trouble understanding why people 
buy a Lexus when a Mazda or Toyota will get one around quite nicely for 
much less, but that is the free market.

What is disconcerting about building this type of equipment is that if 
something happens to the owner most of the stuff is going to the 
landfill.  At least most ham equipment was transferred or sold to other 
hams that kept it in the circle, but when you cross over into consumer 
goods, that is gone and with it a lot of parts.

I notice the $85,000 price tag is from Christmas Eve in 2000.  Wonder 
why they haven't raised their prices.  Can you imagine an set of 
transformers for an amp at $28,400?  Boy what I could do with that kind 
of money and have left over.



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> Here you go, Jim. This is the 304TL amp I mentioned, made by a company
> called Alum Rock:
> http://www.alumrocktech.com/amplifier.shtml
> One of my favorite eye candy sites for this stuff is Moth Audio:

> ~ Todd,  KA1KAQ/4

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