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John Lyles jtml at losalamos.com
Sat Jan 16 13:30:00 EST 2010

This letter was in yesterday's New Mexican newspaper:

"Scary science
I have a question for our glorified science laboratory "Frankensteins" 
who need to learn to keep their egos on the leash and who are meddling 
with dangerous Tesla and high-frequency active aural research 
technologies; space lasers; chem trails, magnets, CERN particle 
acceleration, etc. — just a few of the eerie inventions endangering life 
on Earth.
Do these affect the weather or the natural electromagnetic fields that 
make up all life? Duh! "

Dr. Elke Meyer
Santa Fe

I think Elke may be Arthur Firstenberg's doctor. She has written letters 
and op ed pieces for years condemming cellphones and now WIFI as 
abominations. Now she is citing my workplace (the lab) and my hero 
Telsa, along with magnets. Uh oh! I'd love to introduce Art and her to 
my new 3 megawatt 200 MHz pulsed amplifier (540 kW average power).

> You gotta remember these are the same people who claim the Santa Fe Hum is driving them crazy... 
> Bill AD5OL

There was never a Santa Fe hum, it was the Taos hum, and it was 
prevailent in the 1990s. Haven't heard much about it this decade 
although I did hear last month that a few ranchers up there are in arms 
again about cattle mutilations. Here come the black helicopters at night ...

Art Bell stuff. You gotta wonder what kind of education Mr. Firstenberg 
got in the first place? Obviously not disciplined in the sciences. 
Sleeping in his car to avoid EMI????

John K5PRO
Santa Fe county, NM

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