[AMRadio] More on "Electromagnetic Allergies"

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If you research this disorder on the net you will find that in controlled experiments, people identified as sensitive to EM radiation scored 100% response rate so it isn't necessarily rubbish and needs more study to ascertain distance and impact on those sensitive.  I am a bit surprised at the bias reflected in the email exchanges here.

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>   Santa Fe Residents Allege City's Wi-Fi Affecting Their "Electromagnetic
> Allergies"
>   January 12, 2010 2:44 p.m. EST
>   Topics: United States, Technology
>   Ayinde O. Chase - AHN Editor
>   Santa Fe, NM, United States (AHN) - A small group of Santa Fe residents is
> trying to get all public Wi-Fi hotpsots in the city banned. They allege the
> city's Access Points (AP) irritated their "electromagnetic allergies."
>   In their legal effort to ban the signals, the group is using the Americans
> with Disabilities Act as a measure to have city lawmakers bow to their
> pressure. The case has now reached a new level with published reports
> stating that one of the individuals in the original case is suing his
> neighbors for refusing to turn off their cellphone and Wi-Fi hotspot.
>   Artuhur Firstenberg is claiming his neighbor's technology forced him to be
> homeless. He's unable to stay in a hotel or motel because they employ Wi-Fi
> connections so he's been forced to sleep in his car.
>   Health officials have repeatedly stated that there is no evidence to
> suggest Wi-Fi signals have any impact on the human body. Additionally,
> scientific studies have shown that people who claim to suffer from
> "electromagnetic sensitivity" are in fact suffering from psychosomatic
> disorders and are best treated by therapy or medication.
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