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Sun Jan 17 15:07:49 EST 2010

>The cause of people hearing radio transmissions in their heads has 
>traced to old school tooth fillings

I'm very familiar with detection of AM signals in tooth fillings and 
the like, but that did not seem to be the mechanism at work in this 
case.  I scanned the copy of the patent 3,393,279 I've had in my files 
all these years so you can see what it is about:


I noticed that the name on the patent and the material at 
http://www.neurophone.com are the same, so they are certainly related.  
I was mistaken in my earlier thought that they were different.  My 
confusion came from the way he is now marketing the system as 
"ultrasonic", rather than an RF technology.  At those frequencies 
(20kHz-200kHz) it just depends on the medium involved (AC current thru 
the body versus vibrations in the body versus electromagnetic field 
passing thru the body) as to how you describe it.  Maybe it was easier 
to avoid some regulations if it wasn't considered RF.

The digital modulation technique described on the website might be 
related to his other patent, 3,647,970.

Steve WD8DAS

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