[AMRadio] More on "Electromagnetic Allergies"

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There's nothing special about this circuit...  Circuit 7 is a phase-shift 
oscillator, driving circuit 10, an RF amplifier that is Screen-Grid 
modulated by circuit 19.  The thing that I find odd is that the RF Amplifier 
is not 'tuned'... The plate circuit consisting solely of item 16, a 
step-down transformer of some sort, that drives a step-up transformer (also 
untuned) with a load resistor connected across it's secondary winding, then 
to a pair of non-descript 'electrodes'.

Over all, it's quite crude... I'd be quite concerned about any degree of 
heating that this RF generator might produce, modulated or unmodulated... 
I've studied the information presented at neurophone.com...  Unfortunately, 
the only conclusion I've arrived at is QUACKERY... Why use digital 
modulation when mammals are analog in nature...?   It's been stated that one 
could patent a ham sandwich if it was scientifically described.  Allowing 
anyone to apply an electrode of this type to a person's head or spinal 
column is ludicrous... Where are the lab trials on lower order animals..? 
and if they were conducted, what were the scientific results..?

I've spent over twelve years working with Neuro-Psychologists and 
Audiologists studying many areas of the human brain and the myriad ways that 
the brain processes information, visual, auditory, tactile, and by direct 
stimulation... We had never been presented with a device or methodology of 
this nature...

If there is any real substance to this 'neurophone', I'd certainly like to 
see some real, honest-to-goodness scientific evidence...

...Larry, W1GOR (Queens College, Department of Psychology, City University 
of New York (CUNY), 1966 through 1979...)

When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so 
regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has 
opened." --Alexander Graham Bell, American inventor

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> >The cause of people hearing radio transmissions in their heads has
> been
>>traced to old school tooth fillings
> I'm very familiar with detection of AM signals in tooth fillings and
> the like, but that did not seem to be the mechanism at work in this
> case.  I scanned the copy of the patent 3,393,279 I've had in my files
> all these years so you can see what it is about:
> http://www.wd8das.net/neurophoneRF.pdf
> I noticed that the name on the patent and the material at
> http://www.neurophone.com are the same, so they are certainly related.
> I was mistaken in my earlier thought that they were different.  My
> confusion came from the way he is now marketing the system as
> "ultrasonic", rather than an RF technology.  At those frequencies
> (20kHz-200kHz) it just depends on the medium involved (AC current thru
> the body versus vibrations in the body versus electromagnetic field
> passing thru the body) as to how you describe it.  Maybe it was easier
> to avoid some regulations if it wasn't considered RF.
> The digital modulation technique described on the website might be
> related to his other patent, 3,647,970.
> Steve WD8DAS
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