[AMRadio] More on "Electromagnetic Allergies"

Ted Gustafson ted.gustafson at gmail.com
Sun Jan 17 18:48:59 EST 2010

I have been reading some of the posts here on this subject and just tossing
most of them. Thought I would toss a little gas on the fire. I have messed
around with radio since I was a kid, Ham Radio since the mid 70s and worked
in the Land Mobile Radio field since the mid 80s. I have found that tuning
up 100-110 watt low band mobile radios on the bench that after about the
second one I experience nausea. Higher frequency units never bother me. This
is based on 25 years of personal observation. My findings are that Low Band
Micor drawer units want to make me puke. Now you can all have a good laugh
and some of you can call me nuts but it is a fact. BTW I have a letter
around here someplace I got from the VA a few years back that says I am
normal. Think about this, at one time the best educated men in this world
told everyone the world was flat. If you said it was round they burned you
at the stake. This issue like that one will be resolved in time. That said I
am going to go back and work on my BC-500H all that does is make me grin.


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