[AMRadio] EMF detection, demodulation... I remember... (slightly OT..)

Todd Carpenter n9ysq at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 17 22:54:17 EST 2010

Sounds like you could recreate the experiment by taking the door off your microwave oven setting it on high for 5 minutes and staring in the opening during the cycle. Maybe someone will hear and answer. Talk about working dx with a 700 watt oven!   

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...an episode of Science-Fiction Theatre where this fellow kept hearing voices in his head,
talking about equations and phenomena, not contantly but only at certain times on certain days.

  Investigation showed that, indeed, he was in fact 'hearing' the thoughts of a scientist who was
experimenting with <koff kff) RADAR.  The scientist and the innocent happened to be between 
two mickie-wave horns when they were xmiting and rcving, the scientist being on the xmiting side
such that the EM went through the scientist's head and then through the other fellow's before
reaching the intended destination.

  I haven't been able to figure out which episode, though; looks like there were 78 of 'em,
1955's in Color and 1956/7's in good 'ol Black and White. Kewl!

  Anyone else remember this one (or any others), chime in.

 73,   Terry    KC9KEL
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