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RICHARD GEORGE k6kwq at msn.com
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Flashing copper can be purchased at any sheet metal shop or roofing company without the asphalt backing and a lot cheaper.
K6KWQ Dick
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  I have found an interesting source of copper sheet, Carter lumber carries 
  copper flashing in widths of 10 and 12 inches, 20 feet long, It does have a 
  backing of asphaltic paper that can be removed easily by loosening the roll 
  and soaking in kerosene of diesel for a while, let it set for a day or too 
  if not in a hurry.   great for tube connections, etc. I am actually going to 
  use it over the surface of a chassis. I have always wondered about the long 
  term effects of bolted connections to just the plain aluminum.   It is not 
  cheap, $59 a roll for the 12 inch, but this is a lifetime supply and much 
  cheaper tan any other source I have found.

  A second use is that it can be easily formed to ones head, be sure to shave 
  all the hair off first and apply the asphalt/ kero mix that was sloughed off 
  when you removed the paper backing, you did  save it, didn't you?  works 
  great for keeping out the govt EM signals to control the population and the 
  added copper in ones system keeps 117.5 % of disease away.  The extra 17.5 % 
  is because the people near you catch something.

  I have also been able to isolate the source/ sources of the low frequency 
  hum in my area after many years of study. as has been stated it seems to 
  emanate  from everywhere, however that is not true when the scale is reduced 
  to only inches, It was observed that the hum is louder at night and during 
  the winter months.  Using very large crystals, that I was able to grow, and 
  wrapped with the same copper, I found that hibernating wood chucks and to a 
  lesser extent ground squirrels are snoring and that is the source!!!!!

  Pear reviewed documents will appear shortly on the internet regarding this 
  discovery. A side discovery with the large crystals  suggests that when 
  placed in a particular pattern they can collect the energy of the universe. 
  This has been somewhat slowed by the complete disassociation of the 
  molecules in the crystals when approaching the " resonate" pattern. Research 
  continues on this work with Dr. Pear, a significant government stimulus is 
  expected shortly and upon receipt the program will be greatly expanded with 
  crystals remaining in central Ohio and others in Australia and Argentina. 
  watch the skies!   Bernie   W8RPW

  If you this this was long, talk ( try) to me on AM sometime!!

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