[AMRadio] MF-LF propogation

Bob Peters rwpeters at swbell.net
Mon Jan 18 22:56:12 EST 2010

24 was great now we only get 1 hour a week !!!

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I just finished watching 2 hours of 24 and when it
was over decided to 
go to the shack to see if I could find anyone on
160 meters or 75.  I 
was disappointed because I could not hear any AM
signals at all so I 
decided to tune around in the LF part of the band.

In past postings Don/K4KYV mentioned AM broadcast
stations that are 
located in the near East or Africa down there so I
wanted to see if I 
could hear anything from them.  Last year I could
only hear their 
carrier when I turned the BFO on and tuned around
from ~160 to 200 Kc. 
Tonight was a surprise as I could hear 3 stations
very clearly here in 
the mid-continent area of the US.

Don mentioned hearing them clearly in KY last
year, but I never could 
recover audio from them.  Tonight was different as
their signals were 
strong and not fading in the short term.  So I
though I would tune the 
Aircraft NDB band just to see what I could hear.
The heterodynes were 
so strong on most of the frequencies that I could
not identify any of 
the CW IDs.  On a few of the frequencies I could
hear individual 
stations, but not many.

Boy do I wish we had a good allocation down there
right now.  We (I) may 
never see conditions like this again in the rest
of my lifetime.  I was 
using an Inverted L for 160 meters and my HRO 60
with the H and J coils. 
There is really something to a lack of sunspots if
you are willing to 
experiment a bit.  Many of you have SS rigs that
will tune down there 
so, if you are interested, tune down there and see
what is alive between 
125 and 512 KC.



Enjoying listening because I don't hear anyone on
the air. 

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