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D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Tue Jan 19 11:06:37 EST 2010

Sometimes these lunatic fringe nutcases can be dangerous, especially if some 
lawyer thinks he has stumbled across a deep pocket.

People have the right to sue anyone for anything, if they can find a lawyer 
who will take the case.  I have the theoretical right to sue you because I 
don't like the style of your tee-shirt. Unfortunately, I have heard of cases 
where people ignored totally frivolous and insane lawsuits and ended up 
losing the case by "default" and having a serious judgement placed against 
them, which they were  legally obligated to pay, simply because they failed 
to respond.  One such case was a paternity suit filed by a woman that the 
defendant had never even heard of and who lived in another state, and the 
defendant wasn't even aware of the suit because the only notice was placed 
in an out-of-state newspaper.  She evidently found his name and address 
somewhere and concocted a story that he was the father of her now adult 

The reason the code speed was reduced to 5 wpm before the FCC dropped it 
altogether was that someone sued the FCC under the Americans
with Disabilities Act, claiming that their "disability" prevented them from 
learning to copy code at 13 or 20 wpm.  The FCC resolved the case by 
granting "waivers" to anyone who had a doctor's note attesting that they had 
such a disability, and allowing them to pass General and Extra with only a 
Novice code test.  Later, the FCC determined that a large number of the 
waivers were fraudulent, since it was not difficult to find a medical 
doctor, who might not have a clue what morse code is or how it is copied, 
who would write a note.  So the FCC took care of the fraud problem by 
granting a waiver to EVERYBODY.  They simply reduced the code requirement to 
5 wpm for all classes.

Don, k4kyv

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----- Original Message ----- >  Here's the text of the referenced newspaper 
article... See LAST line...
>  ...Larry, W1GOR
>  Santa Fe Residents Allege City's Wi-Fi Affecting Their "Electromagnetic
> Allergies"
>  January 12, 2010 2:44 p.m. EST
>  Topics: United States, Technology
>  Ayinde O. Chase - AHN Editor
>  Santa Fe, NM, United States (AHN) - A small group of Santa Fe residents 
> is
> trying to get all public Wi-Fi hotpsots in the city banned. They allege 
> the
> city's Access Points (AP) irritated their "electromagnetic allergies."
>  In their legal effort to ban the signals, the group is using the 
> Americans
> with Disabilities Act as a measure to have city lawmakers bow to their
> pressure. The case has now reached a new level with published reports
> stating that one of the individuals in the original case is suing his
> neighbors for refusing to turn off their cellphone and Wi-Fi hotspot.
>  Artuhur Firstenberg is claiming his neighbor's technology forced him to 
> be
> homeless. He's unable to stay in a hotel or motel because they employ 
> Wi-Fi
> connections so he's been forced to sleep in his car.
>  Health officials have repeatedly stated that there is no evidence to
> suggest Wi-Fi signals have any impact on the human body. Additionally,
> scientific studies have shown that people who claim to suffer from
> "electromagnetic sensitivity" are in fact suffering from psychosomatic
> disorders and are best treated by therapy or medication.
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