[AMRadio] OT : Paid Hams during Drills

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Tue Jan 19 12:45:32 EST 2010

I know this does not directly involve AM, however it is something that could
set a precedent and change our hobby forever if we don't take a stand and
tell the ARRL not to allow a petition for rule change.  As some of you may
know, the ARRL board of directors have met and decided to request the staff
petition the FCC to make a change to Part 97.113(a)(3) to permit amateurs,
on behalf of an employer, to participate in emergency preparedness and
disaster drills that include Amateur operations.  To quote a very good ham
friend of mine, "...I feel like we have been sold out, sucker punched!  I
can't believe a majority of ARRL members support this issue."

The article is here: http://www.arrl.org/news/stories/2010/01/19/11294/?nc=1

I think ANYONE should be able to operate during a REAL emergency, and that
is already in place.  Anyone citizen can use any public service radio to
call for help.  I have no problem with that.

We should not take the "volunteer" out of ham radio.

I have setup a poll on my website where anyone (so long as you register so
not to allow multiple votes) can cast a yes or no on this issue.  The Delta
Division and some other divisions have been made aware of the poll for their
viewing pleasure.  After you register, you will get an email sent to the
email address you used in your registration.  Follow the directions in the
email to confirm it's really you that registered.  After that, go to
http://w5ami.net, scroll down and look on the left side where you can log
in.  Once you have logged in, you will be able to vote in the Poll on the
right side of the main page about "Paid Hams".  If it will not let you cast
a vote, you either didn't get registered correctly, or you have not logged

Please consider doing this regardless of your opinion.  I am trying to get
the word spread to all the divisions of the ARRL, so the board can see what
the regular hams really want.  Feel free to also spread the word.

To register, go to this link and fill in the blanks:

After you get the confirm email, go back to http://w5ami.net and log in at
the lower left, then vote in the poll at the upper right of the page.

Thanks very much and 73.
Brian / wa5am, AMRadio Admin

Brian Sherrod, PA
My website: "Arkansas Airwaves" - http://arkansasairwaves.net
Email : ars.w5ami at gmail.com

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