[AMRadio] OT : Paid Hams during Drills

WA5AM ars.w5ami at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 16:00:03 EST 2010


They are wanting it to be legal for say, a ham who works for a hospital, or
an EMT, cop, etc., to be able to participate in emergency drills on ham
radio on behalf of their employer WHILE BEING PAID, on the clock!  This is
the start of the commercialization of amateur radio.  Apparently just what
the ARRL wants.

Brian / wa5am

On Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 2:44 PM, John Coleman <jc at pctechref.com> wrote:

> I am a little confused here, as to what would be changed.
> 1. Are Hams presently not permitted to participate in these preparedness
> and
> drills
> Or
> 2. Are they not permitted on behalf of their employer.
> 3. Or, are you saying that an employer can request, as part of your job
> description and pay grade, that you participate.
> The ARRL info, on that page, is very vague on this (as usual) as there does
> not seem to be any other info about it on the web page, or did I just not
> see it among all the BS.
> John, WA5BXO

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