[AMRadio] MF-LF propogation

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If you want to see what's offering in VK lf (maybe that should be VH) try this search engine in the ACMA Licence database:


Plug in upper & lower values, set the frequency suffix (e.g. kHz) and look for possibilities in the Australian NDB arena.

Keep the search range small say 200-250, 250-300 kHz otherwise you'll get too many returns and the engine will sulk.

This covers all Australian frequency registrations including mf broadcast, hf on to infra-red (nearly).

Look at the "Assignment ID" to find freq, power & location info.

The usual VH NDB aerial is a "T" with 70' vertical loaded by a 200' flat-top. Powers range from 10 watts to several kW. Most will be phased out over the next 5 years.

73 Nigel VK3DZ

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In past postings Don/K4KYV mentioned AM broadcast stations that are located in the near East or Africa down there so I wanted to see if I could hear anything from them.  Last year I could only hear their carrier when I turned the BFO on and tuned around from ~160 to 200 Kc. 
Tonight was a surprise as I could hear 3 stations very clearly here in the mid-continent area of the US.

Don mentioned hearing them clearly in KY last year, but I never could recover audio from them.  Tonight was different as their signals were strong and not fading in the short term.  So I though I would tune the Aircraft NDB band just to see what I could hear.  The heterodynes were so strong on most of the frequencies that I could not identify any of the CW IDs.  On a few of the frequencies I could hear individual stations, but not many.

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