[AMRadio] 78 records and aluminum

CL in NC mjcal77 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 21 09:10:42 EST 2010

I have several test circuits I salvaged before they hit the dumpster.  These were built in the late 50's, early 60's.  They were in homebuilt Bud type miniboxes, and the constructor, Fritz, W4NTO said the aluminum came from old records.  They melted the plastic off the disk and a shiny aluminum platter of the perfect minibox thickness remained. The aluminum was high qualtiy and even to this day, the inside of the chassis are as bright as chrome, not one hint of corrosion.  The outsides were painted.

One of the test units checked the operation of the octal socket crystal ovens, another is a NPN/PNP transistor checker, the third was a phase rotation checker using 3 neon bulbs.  That one got changed into a mobile SWR meter with antenna selector, the other 2 still function perfectly.

So that old cracked and scatched Caruso 78 might have a gold mine of aluminum under its useless surface.

Charlie, W4MEC in NC


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