[AMRadio] frequency sweeper

Bernie Doran qedconsultants at embarqmail.com
Thu Jan 21 11:02:12 EST 2010

HI John, that was another idea that I had, prior to seeing the signal out of 
the Ham bands. It moves very smoothly and seems to be repeated about every 
ten or 15 minutes, it certainly runs across the complete display that I can 
show from the SDR, 190 KC display width. when I was just using the 75A2, I 
had no idea that it was covering any thing like the range that it does, I 
just heard the yelp as it went acros my passband and I would mutter 
something like dumbs--t.   Bernie
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> I have experienced the same thing; but have no factual knowledge of the 
> cause.  I have always suspected that some of it may be caused by folks 
> testing their antenna for the low SWR frequency by sweeping the band while 
> transmitting carrier and watching for a minimum reading.  I hope I am 
> wrong.
> 73, John
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> I acquired a SDR radio and have been playing with it for about a mo. It
> eems very strange tuning with a mouse, but works great as a panadapter
> icking up the IF. I have noticed for some time that there are signals
> unning up the amateur bands, always assume some fool just changing
> requency, however snooping around, I found that the same signals original
> utside of the amateur bands and sweep those areas also. it/they appear to
> e unmodulated and as a wild guess appear to move about  75 to 100 KC per
> econd.   My first guess is that they are some sort of propagation testing
> canner.  does anyone know what these are and who does it, power? 
> antennas?
> ocation? etc?
> Or perhaps it is the gov't controlers sending some sort of signal to the
> DBs stations with the new information to impress on us!!.   ever wonder 
> why
> he NDB stations are located in high population areas?
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