[AMRadio] QRM fron Neighbor's Security System

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Thu Jan 21 20:50:15 EST 2010

I am not familiar with this particular system, but most X-10 equipment uses 
 the home's power lines for transmission. If you are both on the same  
transformer, you may be getting interference from your home's power line. You  
may need some power line filtering. Depending on your gear, you may be 
subject  to Part 15 rules which basically say that your equipment must accept 
various  forms of interference. Regardless, it is a sticky wicket.
A friend once had a problem with a town house neighbor whose porch light  
shined directly into his bedroom window. He used to get up with the sunrise 
so  he didn't want to pull down his blinds and the neighbor refused to shield 
his  spotlight or turn it off when he retired. Since they shared common 
power lines,  my friend got an X-10 control and proceeded to play havoc with 
all the  neighbor's X-10 devices. Now the neighbor turns the light off when he 
goes to  bed.
Where there is a will.....
John,  W4AWM

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