[AMRadio] QRM fron Neighbor's Security System

Bry Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Fri Jan 22 09:50:13 EST 2010

Do any of you guys have any idea as to how many Field Engineers the 
FCC employs?  NOT many! The last time I checked,  they had a grand 
total of TWO for the southeast United States. Out of Atlanta. 

Do you really think they are going to go out and get involved with 
this when they have all of the enforcement for maritime, amateur, 
CB, Broadcast radio and TV to worry about? Personally I doubt it .
Although they did once visit my station when a neighbour complained 
of RFI. I was exonnerated!

From:           	"james.liles" <james.liles at comcast.net>

>  Don't know exactly how to do
> that but I will, and I'll verify the source, manufacture, and model
> of the
> rogue equipment.  Then I'll send a note to the FCC and copy this
> reflector
> with the response

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