[AMRadio] QRM fron Neighbor's Security System

Robert A. Poff WB3AWJ wb3awj at comcast.net
Fri Jan 22 11:19:41 EST 2010

It can be quite interesting approaching someone who innocently is a source of interference. 

Years ago when I worked in two-way we had a problem with interference on the input of a customers repeater. 

A signal would come and go, sounded like TV raster. Was strong enough to take out the lower power mobiles, which generally 

were about 15 miles from the repeater. 

We started hunting it from the repeater site. Ended up in a nearby town, then into a neighborhood. By then it was so strong that we had trouble 

isolating one house. Noticed a UHF dish on one tower. I said to my boss "I bet someone who's that interested has a preamp up there". 

We were right. He pulled the power to the preamp, and the signal went away. 

But we had to do come explaining how his TV was interfering with security guys twenty five miles away. 

Luckily we took a receiver into his house, could hear the interference, and that it went away when he killed the preamp. 

Even still, I'd rather approach the person than ever call the Commission. 

After having my radio station inspected twice, I'd rather keep my distance.  

And then there's the story of a guy I knew who complained to the Commission about a competitor and ended up being given a LONG list of violations himself. 



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