[AMRadio] 78 records

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Fri Jan 22 18:02:55 EST 2010

When I was a youngster my friend Paul had an old 78 player and a pile of 
records, however his favourite was Jerry Lee Lewis 'Great balls of fire' he 
used to play this on the old wind up player at around 08.00 in the morning 
every day for months until it wore out, you could hear this echoing over the 
neighbourhood for miles. Later we used this as the signature tune for our 
pirate radio station at school, a proper AM transmitter with a 6V6 on the 
output, my first transmitter project that acually worked! needless to say we 
did get caught, thankfully by one of the masters and not the GPO (who would 
have administered a fine of around £1000) Long time since I heard a real 78 
playing., brings back some great memories just talking about it.  78's and 
AM radio... now that's a fine brew.
73 Max M0GHQ/KJ4ISS 

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