[AMRadio] QRM fron Neighbor's Security System

Jay Bromley jayw5jay at cox.net
Sat Jan 23 00:19:46 EST 2010

Actually Mike I found this not to be the case.  Both Ed Hare and Mike Gubber 
where not only a big help in my case, but offered to help me take it to the 
next level as I was about to give up on Ham Radio due to the bad scooter 
charger.  Maybe I was lucky?

73 de jay/w5jay..

From: "Mike Sawyer" <w3slk at verizon.net>
Sent: Friday, January 22, 2010 5:21 PM
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Subject: Re: [AMRadio] QRM fron Neighbor's Security System

> Rob, (et al),
>    I wouldn't count on the ARRgghhL doing anything to help you other than
> send you a few pamphlets. A good friend of mine went through the 
> "Neighbors
> complaint about ham radio in their stereo" routine. Every time he lit off
> his T-368, he would get phone calls. It got so bad that it became a
> political issue. The neighbors complained to the mayor and the mayor told 
> my
> friend "I'm going to shut you down!" This made the local news as well.
> Anyway, one day he gets a phone call from the FCC office out of NYC. They
> want to come down and check his station out, see how he operates, etc. Two
> guys from the FCC show their credentials and say they want to run tests 
> etc.
> Only one of the neighbors was home at the time so the other guy went there
> and listened to the stereo while the one stayed with my friend at his
> station. He tuned his T-368 for 375watts stating that was all he was 
> allowed
> to operate at. The FCC tech instructed him to tune for max power out. They
> went through all the bands and found some slight audio reaching the stereo
> on 40M but that was it. They packed up. Told my friend that they loved all
> the classic radios that he had there and they thought they were cool. The
> tech also told him not to worry that his signal was clean and with in the
> parameters of his license. When my friend referred about what the mayor 
> had
> threatened him with. The guy said, "WE are the ones that say WHO may 
> operate
> and WHO MAY NOT!!! Don't worry about your mayor, we will take care of 
> him."
> Nothing else came of the issue other than the fact the mayor lost to his
> opponent in the upcoming election.
>    When I asked my friend if the (be)League(d) did anything for him. He
> just pick up a pamphlet that said how to keep RFI out of your house, 
> (about
> a 2 page pamphlet).
>    Thus began and feeds my cynicism about the ARRgghhL to this day.
> Mod-U-Lator,
> Mike(y)
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> From: "Rob Atkinson" <ranchorobbo at gmail.com>
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> Cc: "JAMES HANLON" <knjhanlon at msn.com>
> Sent: Thursday, January 21, 2010 11:39 PM
> Subject: Re: [AMRadio] QRM fron Neighbor's Security System
> You can certainly avail yourself of the FCC but before you start
> contacting them I would (after following through with your plan to
> make sure something your neighbor has, is indeed the problem) attempt
> to work something out with your neighbor first.  I have been through
> the RFI dance myself on the sending and receiving ends.  You must be
> mindful  that your neighbor is happily operating his appliance
> oblivious to your misery so be in a calm and polite frame of mind.  It
> can be a big help if you bring along a portable sw rx so you can stand
> there with it tuned to a clear 40 m. frequency and have it blast out
> the RFI to demonstrate what you are dealing with.  Don't start going
> off on being a licensed station, Federal Law, Part 15 or any of that
> just yet.  You may be surprised at how cooperative they might be --
> they might even offer to disable the thing until it can be fixed.  Not
> everyone is a crab (at least not everyone here in the midwest).
> It is tempting to charge in and blow a gasket when you have your
> operating wrecked, i know as I am dealing with that now on 75 and 160
> but do your homework first and know what to do about the appliance so
> you have some measures ready if it does turn out to be this X10 thing.
> You'll have to have a plan to explain to them once you start talking
> to them.  You can get some ideas on how to deal with this stuff from
> the ARRL Tech. Info. Service on their website, or call them and talk
> to someone there on the phone and use google to hunt for RFI
> information on these things.  Also the RFI reflector at contesting.com
> has a searchable archive you can go through in case this has been
> dealt with in the past.   ARRL has a list of hams, I think many are
> lawyers, who are experienced at being ombudsmen and helping you work
> with a 3rd party unknowingly causing you RFI.  At this point if you
> contact FCC they will probably just tell you to do everything I am
> advising you to do first.  I believe they consider themselves a last
> resort.  99% of the time, these things are resolved without them
> getting involved.  If, unfortunately, your X10 folks are nasty then
> you have established a series of failed attempts at seeking a
> resolution and once you and maybe an intermediary have failed, and you
> have documented this, then you'll probably be able to get the FCC to
> intervene.   One other thing is it's a good idea to have a RFI kit bag
> of common suppression items to take with you or have in your car.  I
> have found it nice to have a bunch of ferrite snap on beads,
> doughnuts, and rods of various materials, usually 31, maybe 77, J or F
> --anything that is effective below 20 meters where I usually operate,
> plus some tools, flashlight, electrical tape, some extension cords, 10
> and 20 foot lengths of 75 ohm coax with F males, phone line filters,
> and anything else you can think of for fixing a problem.  People are
> usually a lot more agreeable once they realize they won't have to
> shell out any money.  If a switching supply wall wart is causing grief
> for example, just replace it with a linear supply and add it to the
> cost of being a HF ham these days.
> 73
> Rob
> K5UJ
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