[AMRadio] Digitizing old records

George Brand georgeb at i2k.net
Sat Jan 23 08:30:12 EST 2010

Thanks for the great primer John, and thank-you to the moderator for 
allowing this. I spend a lot of time on broadcasting related lists and 
forgot this one has a different focus

BTW I do dablle in AM on 80 meters

George  WA8SCO

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> Not exactly AM radio stuff but it sort of falls in the category of old
> technology meets the new world.
> If the list moderator wants to kill this I will certainly understand.  We
> could discuss it separately.
> I use a modern turntable with 33/45 RPM settings some of the real new TT's
> do have 78RPM (it is becoming a thing to do). Having the proper stylus is
> important because it fits the groove and can be set to track a little
> heavier than a gram.  Be careful not to track to heavy, the cartridge may
> not like it.
> A lot of the old 78RPM records did not use the standard RIAA equalization 
> of
> today.  There were many different EQs used in those days.  Having a 24
> bit/96K sound card is a plus for computer recording because you don't have
> to worry about getting the levels set just right.  Just about any visible
> thing that you can see on the display will be using more than 16 bits in 
> the
> 24 bit format.  This gives you plenty of head room to manipulate the
> recording latter using the recording software's features to get the sound
> just the way you want it whether it is RIAA or not.  You can even record 
> it
> at 45RPM and adjust the speed with the software later and re-EQ.  After 
> you
> have it the way you want it to sound then the software will allow you to
> normalize the recording and then save it to 16 or 24bit format.  16 bit
> format for CD audio
> Recording software:
> Many types are available.  Audio Audition by Adobe is what I use -
> $300 - a little expensive but pretty good.
> A Canadian company called Goldwave - free trial 40 dollar purchase
> probably the best bet.  I used it before I got Audition.
> Audacity - Free - I don't know about its EQ and other feature
> capabilities
> This is all not recommended on a computer that has glitches or is slow.
> Good Luck
> John
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> I have a "real" Edison that almost caused a divorce between my 
> Grandparents
> as Grandma bought via the devil....ON CREDIT!  (oh horrors) Apparently
> Grandpa had a royal fit and went down to J.L. Hudsons the next morning and
> paid if off.  I have four drawers full of disks and want to move them to
> digital without harming them. Any guidance? I see there is a stylus 
> marketed
> for this purpose, any experience??
> George
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