[AMRadio] DX 60 mods

RICHARD GEORGE k6kwq at msn.com
Fri Jul 2 13:32:49 EDT 2010

I have my DX 60 now working properly in a stock condition. It is a fairly 
clean radio inside and out, but I'm not concerened about modifying it.  I 
would like to keep from drilling holes in the front panel but will if 
necesarry.  I have come across 3 different audio mods on the net. They are 
the WC3K mod,  KS3K mod, and the K4TLJ mod. In the groups opinon wich is the 
best one to use?

Maybe it is none of the above and I should just go ahead and plate moulate 
it.  I do have a 35 watt plat modulator that I built some time ago and it 
has a universal modulation transformer.
I plan on using a D104 mike, and have a National 300 for a recevier.


K6KWQ Dick
 Amps by "MORE POWER" 

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