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I concur with NØDGN's comments about the W3CK mods.  I applied them to my DX-60 and everything works fb.  I've used it with an SB-200 and received good reports.  Bob, if there are other DX-60 mods he did not publish I'd certainly like to read them if that's possible/appropriate.   

And Dick, K6KWQ, I'd recommend not modding just to have plate modulation.  As Bob stated, controlled carrier modulation (properly adjusted) works just fine.



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  If one is "really" inclined to consider Audio mods for the DX-60, I'd 
ive serious to the mods published by the late WC3K.
Bill was a satellite engineer, and spent a large part of time in his 
laboratory"/ham shack, working on the DX-60.  He made a number of 
odification, including adding 160Mtrs, PTT, and audio.
He used his to drive a 30S1 on occasion, along with a 30L1.  sometimes 
t was barefoot.
There really is no need to attempt to make it a plate modulated Tx.  
ontrolled carrier as it was designed and built, works very well.  The 
roblem is that some operators push the audio too hard.  This is 
articularly an issue sine the audio gain is a pot INSIDE the radio, 
nly accessed by opening the cabinet.
Bill, WC3K, had a simple mod for observing the level of modulation, 
ithout drilling holes.
Most if not all were published in Electric Radio.
I "may" have the very last mods by him, that did NOT get published due 
o his unfortunate departure.
Bob - N0DGN
On 7/2/2010 1:32 PM, RICHARD GEORGE wrote:
 I have my DX 60 now working properly in a stock condition. It is a fairly
 clean radio inside and out, but I'm not concerened about modifying it.  I
 would like to keep from drilling holes in the front panel but will if
 necesarry.  I have come across 3 different audio mods on the net. They are
 the WC3K mod,  KS3K mod, and the K4TLJ mod. In the groups opinon wich is the
 best one to use?

 Maybe it is none of the above and I should just go ahead and plate moulate
 it.  I do have a 35 watt plat modulator that I built some time ago and it
 has a universal modulation transformer.
 I plan on using a D104 mike, and have a National 300 for a recevier.


 K6KWQ Dick
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