[AMRadio] DX 60 mods

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Fri Jul 2 15:38:18 EDT 2010

I would like to see those "last" mods. I have several of the Electric
Radio issues, and Bill from Bowie had some great articles in them!
                                                     Joe W4AAB

>   If one is "really" inclined to consider Audio mods for the DX-60, I'd
> give serious to the mods published by the late WC3K.
> Bill was a satellite engineer, and spent a large part of time in his
> "laboratory"/ham shack, working on the DX-60.  He made a number of
> modification, including adding 160Mtrs, PTT, and audio.
> He used his to drive a 30S1 on occasion, along with a 30L1.  sometimes
> it was barefoot.
> There really is no need to attempt to make it a plate modulated Tx.
> Controlled carrier as it was designed and built, works very well.  The
> problem is that some operators push the audio too hard.  This is
> particularly an issue sine the audio gain is a pot INSIDE the radio,
> only accessed by opening the cabinet.
> Bill, WC3K, had a simple mod for observing the level of modulation,
> without drilling holes.
> Most if not all were published in Electric Radio.
> I "may" have the very last mods by him, that did NOT get published due
> to his unfortunate departure.
> Bob - N0DGN
> On 7/2/2010 1:32 PM, RICHARD GEORGE wrote:
>> I have my DX 60 now working properly in a stock condition. It is a
>> fairly
>> clean radio inside and out, but I'm not concerened about modifying it.
>> I
>> would like to keep from drilling holes in the front panel but will if
>> necesarry.  I have come across 3 different audio mods on the net. They
>> are
>> the WC3K mod,  KS3K mod, and the K4TLJ mod. In the groups opinon wich is
>> the
>> best one to use?
>> Maybe it is none of the above and I should just go ahead and plate
>> moulate
>> it.  I do have a 35 watt plat modulator that I built some time ago and
>> it
>> has a universal modulation transformer.
>> I plan on using a D104 mike, and have a National 300 for a recevier.
>> Thanks.
>> K6KWQ Dick
>>   Amps by "MORE POWER"
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